Big Advent WreathAdvent/Christmas is second most popular liturgical season for returning to Mother Church in a migration of nostalgia, good intentions and a desire to restore the bonds forged in childhood.

While I work at getting myself back into a writing schedule and hammer together some more posts about all things conclave, here are two notes I made last Easter Рthe most popular return-to-the-church time. Trying to wait it out

3 full pews to the right, 3 full pews to the left but 2 confessionals one side, 1 on the other…what wee need here are proactive ushers or clearer traffic signage…better yet an express lane. ¬†Some of us have several months worth of venial and mortal waxy build-up while there are others who, I’m sure, will just discuss a few high points from the past week.

Been here 45 minutes now and the line hasn’t moved. I know it’s rude but when that door finally opens I’m gonna have to confess I turned around for a quick look.

Never mind, let’s just pray for peace and patience.

Michelangelo's Pieta