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Okay, besides the very obvious can of metaphysical worms that question usually opens, this is more of an introduction to what I want to do with this blog and where I’d like to see it go. Yes, I know, this is usually something that goes on a static page to introduce myself to visitors and drop bys. It is what all blogging ‘how to’s’ insist every blog needs to let y’all know what it is exactly y’all have landed upon.

I’m doing it here first as a post and then the amended (or expanded) version will go onto an introduction page.

It is my small attempt to set the record straight on a number of misconceptions about the Roman Catholic church. There, I said it. I am not an apologist and I am certainly not a theologian. My knowledge is based on a lifetime inside the walls of the faith and several years spent wandering in the wilderness. I am a critical thinker which is the first misconception about Catholicism, i.e. all Catholics are mindless sheep who accept as, ah, gospel, whatever is poured into the porches of their ears by the poisonous men in black. Or red.

It is also my intention to keep these posts short. And in that spirit, I’ll end this now and pick it up tomorrow.


Depends on how the Spirit moves me. (That’s a joke…a wee bit of a Trinitarian pun…oh, never mind…)