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Usually this is the way to end a prayer. It means “so be it” or, to use that great phrase from THE greatest movie ever made, the Princess Bride, “as you wish”.

We place our fears, our hopes and requests before our God–or your God or The God or the boddhisatva of this turn of the wheel or the inner-self-who-rules, depending on personal persuasion–and put a ribbon on it with a pre-formed mini-prayer within a prayer:  Amen.

It is a sign of our covenant with something else, a power that exists separately from us and, in some way, informs our life. It is there as a reminder to He/She/They of Their deal  with us. We’ve laid out what we want and now it is time to answer our prayers with a yes or a no.  ‘I said “Amen” so now it’s Your turn.’

I have not given that power a name nor have I meant to imply it is a supreme power watching over you with old Testament brimstone-scented judgement. Relax. Don’t judge me and, I promise I won’t judge you.

In fact, in all the years we’ve known each other I haven’t ever judged you for what you believe. Maybe for what you’ve said or done but those words or actions are part of the package deal you come with. That is our covenant. The one of friendship. Of being mortals together.

And so ‘Amen’ also means acceptance, a way to start.  It’s April and time for the A-Z Challenge.

Bring it on.