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A friend suggested I use the letter H to tackle one of the bigger subjects separating the Christians from the, ah, Christians…it is a broad spectrum, after all, and in such a large family there are bound to be huge differences in perception and opinions on some things.  Well, I’m not up to a really big discussion today and especially not one to do with the communion wafer or host, as we call it.

In the future I’ll probably have discussions on transubstantiation and why Catholics make such a big deal out of something that is to everyone else a cracker.

But this is Easter and for Catholics that means a return of one of my favorite hymns, “That Easter Day with Joy was Bright”. Oh yeah, I hear you say, it’s one of those real chart climbers. Well, it is one of those songs that actually brings a certain joy to sing. People leave the church whistling the tune. Seriously.

For my dad’s funeral mass – I’ll tackle funeral mass another day – I used it as the processional hymn. My father was an actor and believed in making memorable entrances and exits. He also loved music and, more to the point, he loved to laugh.  I chose this song because it would put at ease many of those attending the mass who were not of the Catholic persuasion. It’s familiar to a lot of different Christian faiths, particularly the Anglican/Episcopalian varietals.

It is up beat and anyone can catch on to at least part of the lyrics sufficient to join in on the refrain. And if you’re still wondering what I’m talking about, I’ll add a Mr. Bean clip so that you’ll see how a hymn can be fun…Now we say “alleluia” but it is probably more familiar to the majority of folks as “Hallelujah”. I suppose I could have put in a stirring rendition of Handel’s Hallelujah chorus or K.D. Lang’s amazing version of Leonard Cohen’s much much more secular “Hallelujah”. But, as you will hear me say many times, this is my blog and I run what I like.

Besides, after you see this, I dare you to keep a straight face next time you hear this sung in church.

(A side note to my American friends, apparently this is being blocked on the south bound land of the internet but I’m sure if you search your service provider you’ll be able to find it. It may be listed under “Mr. Bean Hallelujah” or “Mr. Bean The Church” . I don’t know why I didn’t expect this, in Canada we’ve been dealing with clips blocked coming north bound because they’re on Hulu. )