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gladiator-by-jean-leon-geromeI guess it’s only right that a Catholic blog in the Apologist category should apologize and ask for forgiveness. It’s what we do, right? Granted, the term ‘apologist’ is supposed to mean defending the faith and taking up the standard to launch into battle with them what scoffs. 

In my case I’m too busy apologizing for all the mistakes I’ve made. This leaves very little time to defend the faith which has many much better qualified folk speaking clearly on it’s behalf. 

So, I’ll just put this up for now and, in the prescribed order of these things, promise to avoid the future occasion of failing to post, either through unconscious relapse, being P1050765unwilling led into or outright intentional indulgence of procrastination by re-watching the entire House of Cards series or oh look a distraction.

Whatever, I believe I had promised something along the lines of information on the college of cardinals and how to elect a pope. Next week. I promise.

Oh, look, I can get the original british version of House of Cards on my other Netflix… just kidding, I watched that years ago.

Time to get back to work. If there is someone out there among the crickets chirping, thanks for hanging in all this time and thanks for reading this far.