There are a lot of sites about the Catholic Church from the perspective of a theologian or an apologetic . I’m not a professional Catholic, i.e. priest, nun, deacon, leader of the Ladies Altar Decorating arm of the CWL or other person of importance within the structure.

I am a cradle Catholic. Born and raised in the faith and, like many of us, wandered away on my own path for several years. I am not a fully in attendance at mass person just now but that fluctuates. It is not because of a difference of opinion with the church but, initially, a difference of opinion with a parish priest a few years ago that kept me home Sundays. Now it is just a matter of getting back into the routine. I’ll keep you posted if that should change.

So this is the church from the perspective of one who has grown up in the faith and loves many aspects of it. I can’t explain the theology behind certain practises and I certainly can’t defend everything that happens in the church. All I can do, here, is, I don’t know, shed a little light on the many, many…many misconceptions about Catholicism, Catholics and history.

That narrows it down a lot, eh?


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